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Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Service 10:45 
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We would love for you to join us during our current sermon series, "That you may be CERTAIN... a study in the Gospel of Luke."

Luke was a companion of the Apostle Paul throughout many of his journeys. He was a doctor. He was the only Gentile author in the Scriptures. But thankfully for us, Luke was also a gifted historian and storyteller. His Gospel, as well as its "sequel," the book of Acts, give us an incredible picture of the life and ministry of Jesus, and the formation of the early church. 

Luke wrote these accounts so his friend, Theophilus, would have certainty in all the things he had been taught about Jesus Christ. We are praying that this sermon series would do the same for you!

Wednesday Evening Service 6:00
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On Wednesday nights, we meet from 6:00-7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall (North Entrance) for an open discussion Bible study. Our current study is over 2 Peter and Jude.

For this study, we are using the "Life Change" series, put out by the Navigators organization, or NavPress. This is a wonderful, in-depth study of the context, meaning, and application of the letter of these letters.

We would love for you to join us!!

Forest Hills Baptist Church
702 S. Adams St.
Sapulpa, OK 74066

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