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Core Values


I. We will strive to be Gospel-Centered. 


The Gospel will be the foundation of all that we do as a church, from the Sunday morning service, to discipleship and evangelism, to counseling and relationships, and everything in-between. The Gospel of the Good News of Jesus Christ will inform EVERYTHING we do as a church.



II. We will strive to be Missions-Minded. 


We will be a radically missions-minded church, not just in our local community, but with a special emphasis on the unreached people groups around the world, and a heart to come alongside the persecuted church in prayer and in financial support.



III. We will strive to be Biblically-Grounded. 


We will strive to preach and teach the Word of God with the reverence and authority it is meant to have, through the practices of expository preaching, and biblical theology.



IV. We will strive to be Meaningfully-Committed


We will commit to having a meaningful membership, made up of born-again believers who show the fruit of a transformed heart, as we covenant together to encourage, challenge, and exhort one another as the body of Jesus Christ.



V. We will strive to be Spirit-Empowered 


We commit to having a biblical view of conversion and evangelism, trusting that it is the Spirit alone who saves, and that we will simply seek to be faithful to the commands found in the Word, not trusting in our own efforts and abilities to bring about what only God can do.



VI. We will strive to be Scripturally-Led 


We commit to being biblically led as modeled in the Scriptures, being shepherded by a plurality of elders, served by a body of deacons, and congregational in our accountability to one another.



V. We will strive to be Prayerfully-Submitted  


We will go to the Lord in prayer for all things, seeking first His will for our church, and trusting that if we do that, Jesus will be faithful to build HIS church.

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